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Evening Calm and Sleep Well

Relax drops can help promote:

  • Serenity and calmness
  • Quality sleep, without the grogginess
  • Overnight muscle and joint recovery

33.33MG/ML of CBN AND 33.33MG/ML of CBD - 2000mg CBN and 2000mg CBD per 2 fl oz. (60ml)

Relax Remedy Plus is an advanced citrus flavored formula with 2000mg of Full Spectrum CBN and 2000mg of CBD. While still containing all the powerful nutrients of our Daily Remedy Formula, along with a strong dose of CBN, this therapeutic formula is built to support a deep sense of calm, and an excellent night’s rest. Our vegan, sugar-free blend is produced with the finest ingredients from the foothills of Oregon. Each dose is crafted with Organic MCT oil to help support rapid absorption of both the CBD and CBN to regain your serenity, rest, and physical condition. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
No More Monday Scaries!

These are magic! I just went on a friends bachelorette party and I took these drops every night before bed and woke up without anxiety every morning. The other solve would probably be drinking less but sometimes you can’t get around that :)

This is a game changer

I struggle pretty bad with falling asleep and also staying asleep and let me tell you it makes it significantly easier to fall asleep and I have yet to wake up in the middle of the night since starting these drops!


I have literally tried everything to help with my sleep. Foliage's CBD sleep products are great. I have tried both Relax and Folibites, they are both good options.

5 Stars!

Great product, I feel relaxed and less anxious with this product. Anyone with anxiety or a lot of stress would benefit from a few drops

Great product and great value!

This really helps my mind quiet down at the end of the day and helps me sleep. Really like this product! Love that it is not addictive either.

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