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A Sweet Escape From Stress and Discomfort

An alternative to drops, FoliBite gummies have been found to help with:

  • Reducing the symptoms of stress and feeling overwhelmed
  • Muscle and joint soreness and discomfort
  • Minimizing signs of inflammation
  • Relaxation, falling asleep, and staying asleep
  • Overall wellbeing

300mg Vegan Gummies (10mg/Serving)

Imagine a little calm when you need it most. FoliBites is our artisanal restorative gummies. They are carefully produced with 10mg of Broad Spectrum CBD, sourced from premium hemp cultivated in the US. Using only clean ingredients, they are delicately flavored with natural strawberry and citrus. These tasty gummies help encourage a sense of calm at any point in the day and a great night’s sleep. They are also great for helping to reduce muscle soreness and strain.

FoliBites is gluten-free and vegan. Each jar contains 30 delicious, juicy, and comforting gummies.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Yesterday I made a doctors appointment that I’m nervous about so my mind was spinning going to bed last night. I took 2 foliBites before bed for the first time and slept through the night! I also don’t feel as nervous and anxious this morning. I recommend giving these a try as that bit of support we all sometimes!

So Far These Gummies are Great

I feel like it is making a difference in my mood, especially when stressed out with work. It's worth a try if you are on the fence.

Helps my mother relax

I offer them to my mom when she comes over. She is such a stressed and anxious woman. She becomes normal again with these gummies.

Tasty and Vegan, a win

Delicious vegan gummies, that work without artificial flavors and colors. This is a win in my books

Definitely help me relax

I'm really liking these gummies. I have been taking them every day and I feel much calmer and less anxious!

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