Relax Sleep Drops - CBD and CBN Oil

Relax Sleep Drops



How much CBD should you use for sleep?

When you first start using CBD products for sleep, it’s a good idea to start with a low dosage of around 25 milligrams. As you become more experienced, you can potentially up that dosage to roughly 75 milligrams.

How should you use CBD for sleep?

The two most popular kinds of CBD products for sleep are oils and gummies. Both types of CBD products will enter the bloodstream, maximizing effectiveness and helping you fall and stay asleep.

Is CBD any good for sleep?

Yes – over the years, research has found that using CBD products for sleep can result in improved sleep quality. CBD may help users fall asleep more quickly and avoid waking up in the middle of the night.

Do CBD gummies work for insomnia?

Yes – it’s possible that ingesting CBD gummies before going to sleep can help the user fall asleep and achieve peaceful rest for several hours. More research is being conducted on the effectiveness of CBD gummies against insomnia.

Does CBD negatively affect sleep quality?

No – most users will simply experience more relaxed muscles, less stress, and a general feeling of peace. Additionally, CBD products for sleep can help minimize aches and pains, which further facilitates better sleep.

What should you look for in CBD for sleep?

We always recommend that users assess the concentration of cannabinoids in any product they use. It’s also beneficial to understand where the CBD was sourced, what other ingredients are used, and how the product is manufactured.

At Foliage Wellness, we also include CBN (cannabinol) in our CBD products for sleep. This is another kind of cannabinoid that has been found to be especially effective when used for sleep and deep relaxation purposes.

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