Confused about Your CBD Dosage?

CBD Oil Dosage Calculator

The right CBD oil dosage can be very confusing and overwhelming. Each person can tolerate CBD differently, depending on their body chemistry. Some turn to CBD for chronic pain, muscle pain, liver damage, anxiety, and a whole host of reasons. As a rule of thumb, start with a small dose and gradually work your way up to higher doses. Keep in mind, if you are taking prescription medications, you will want to consult with your doctor before. In this article, we are going to explore how you can find the appropriate dosage for your needs.

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Is CBD a Good Option?

Yes! According to OnePoll, 60% of adults believe CBD hemp oil is safe to use in their daily lives, according to the survey. Many are turning to CBD as a healthier alternative to NSAIDS and other perception medications which can have long-term detrimental health side effects. CBD products are available to the consumer, from CBD products oils and creams to tinctures and gummies.

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So Tell Me, Is There An Ideal Dosage for hemp oil?

This is a tough question to answer. There are many variables that can affect the ideal dose. The ideal dose for you, may not be the ideal CBD dose for someone else. The optimal dosage is influenced by the type of products, the reason for taking it, and the strength.

How can I calculate CBD dosage?

In CBD gummies, softgel capsules and CBD softgels derived from hemp, the amounts may vary depending on what you are taking. The average CBD dose is around 10 mg per gummy. The calculation and dosage of CBD oil is unique. You need to account for your age, weight, the condition you are treating, and the strength of the CBD product. The average CBD dose is around 10 mg per gummy. For a person weighing about 150 pounds and looking to use CBD to help with moderate symptoms, we suggest trying 45mg that day. For a milder dose, we would suggest 15mg and for something much more extreme, we suggest 90mg per day. We encourage you to start low and start slow. CBD requires consistency and some patience.

Calculating the Dose of CBD Based on Your Weight

What's the Correct Dose?

Although CBD is unique for every individual there are general principles that can guide calculating an estimated dosage based on your weight and your desired effects (low, medium and high). The dosage calculator on our site was built using the following calculation. This dosage is an estimation and cannot be substituted for any expert medical guidance in regard to dosage. When using CBD to make it more effective slowly increase the dosage gradually.

Tell me the Ideal CBD Dosage for Everyday Stress

Some conditions require fairly strong doses and may need very few dosages to produce noticeable results. Consider, how stressed are you throughout the day? This should be important because it guides you towards a good dosage. Your body weight, muscle mass and metabolism will play a part when considering your CBD dosage.

Important Considerations For Dosing CBD

Finding an effective dose of CBD may be determined by many variables. Your “best CBD dosage” may vary throughout your life. It's not a universal amount, it's not an average dose. Best total CBD oil best natural formulation.

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Decide What Form of CBD to Use

The easiest way to get high levels of CBD is via CBD Oil drops, often referred to as CBD tinctures. These are very easy to take advantage of and allow CBD to be quickly absorbed compared to edibles and slower-acting CBD softgels. CBD oil has an earthy flavor. If don't enjoy CBD oils, they are many effective substitutes. Most CBD products in the US have removed the natural CBD flavors and have replaced them with natural delicious extracts, like vanilla, orange, etc. These methods are usually recommended for those people who want quick relief from pain, stress or inflammations in their life and appreciate a controlled dosage. Other commonly used products are CBD softgels, CBD face creams, serums or topicals.

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Gradually Increase your CBD Oil dose Until you Notice the Difference

How much CBD to use is a great question. Do you increase your CBD oil levels gradually? We suggest start with a low dose of CBD oil until you find you notice a difference. Once you determine the correct dosage, stick with it. Consistency is key to the performance and benefits of these dietary supplements.

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Check the Bioavailability of your CBD Products

Bioavailability is defined as how much CBD your body is actually ingesting. The bioavailability of CBD topical is calculated at 1%. Instead, CBD can reach cannabinoid receptors inside skin or muscles. At Foliage, our products are designed for the highest level of absorption. Our CBD softgels, Aligned, use nano-particles to increase bioavailability, making sure you get the most out of our products.

Are most CBD products from the cannabis plant?

No, for those that are concerned, most CBD products are from the hemp plant, not from the cannabis plant.

What are the Health Benefits of CBD?

Some of the potential health benefits of CBD are helping reduce pain, inflammation, stress, and improve sleep. Some even love to apply topical CBD cream on their eczema and psoriasis to help with these skin conditions.

How Long Does it Take for CBD Oil to Work?

Generally, edibles, oils and capsules will take roughly 30 to 60 minutes to take effect. Your CBD dosage will vary by condition. In general, the CBD dosage is dependent on the reason for taking CBD.

Can you take too much CBD?

No, don't worry you can't take too much, but too much can make you sleepy. There are minimal side effects.

Talk to a Physician To Determine How Much CBD Oil To Use

Dosing CBD Oil

It is advisable to speak to your doctor if you plan to use pure CBD for medical purposes such as anxiety disorders and discuss the best CBD dosage. This can help ensure that hemp-derived CBD products do not cause side effects.

Understanding how much CBD is important to notice the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil and the right CBD product. The CBD market has so many products, it's important to avoid synthetic CBD oil and begin slowly with your starting dosage.

What are the best CBD Products on the market?

Some of the best CBD Products on the market are made by reliable, high-quality manufacturers. At Foliage Wellness, our products are proudly made in the USA, only using the highest quality natural ingredients. Some products we love are our CBD Tinctures, CBD Gummies and our high bioavailability CBD gel capsules. CBD is the main active ingredient derived from naturally sourced hemp extract.

Why Try Foliage Wellness?

At Foliage, we believe in healing naturally. We have formulated a unique line of high-quality and effective CBD products you can trust. We want to help you be better and feel better, naturally. We believe in the power of plants.