CBD for Focus: Does CBD Enhance Your Focus

CBD for Focus: Does CBD Enhance Your Focus

We live in times when our lives are largely governed by technology. Always within arm’s reach, our phones constantly buzz with hundreds of notifications vying for our attention.

It’s only natural to feel distracted by everything and everyone placing demands on your time. So, if you’re finding it difficult to concentrate on a single task, let us tell you – you’re not alone.

With different things pulling you in different directions, you may start feeling less productive in your professional and personal life. It can also lead to frustration, anxiety, and a generally deteriorating quality of life, especially when you know that you can do a lot better.

So, how can you enhance your focus? The answer might come in the form of CBD – a natural hemp compound. In fact, a large number of people are already discovering the benefits of CBD for focus, thereby improving their productivity.

So, does CBD help with focus? Let’s find out.

CBD for Focus and Concentration

CBD (or cannabidiol) is extracted from the hemp plant. It interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates memory, immunity, and more. Our body constantly produces endocannabinoids even if we don’t actively consume CBD products. However, taking CBD supplements can certainly support the body’s natural endocannabinoids.

So, what makes CBD for mental focus work? When CBD interacts with the body’s ECS, it leads to sense of calm by reducing anxiety, thereby enabling better focus. When anxiety is alleviated, it naturally makes it easier to focus on any given task. Another advantage of this is – it promotes better-quality sleep.

Let’s also understand a bit about CBD effects on brain. CBD also has the ability to interact with the body’s “feel good” hormones, like dopamine and serotonin - neurotransmitters that affect your focus, concentration, memory, motivation, and energy levels.

Whenever you feel stressed, your body begins releasing cortisol, which can lead to poor focus and disrupted mental clarity. CBD can help manage this by intervening in the production of excess cortisol.  Your brain can, therefore, release more dopamine and serotonin.  

Further, findings from a 2020 study revealed that a 600 mg serving of CBD can improve the blood flow to the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory processing. It can also help decrease the reaction time for certain memory-related tasks.

Yet another 2018 report mentions that CBD can help augment mental health in numerous ways. As per the report, CBD supplements can promote the development of new neurons in the brain, which once again points to CBD’s ability to help people deal with focus and occasional anxiety.

Does CBD for Focus Work?

Unfortunately, a whole lot of people are unable to take advantage of CBD supplements due to the misinformation that widely surrounds this topic. The simple fact is that CBD can impact the body in several great ways if you let it. This includes improving focus and concentration.

As mentioned, CBD for focus interacts with the body’s ECS system, which plays a huge role in maintaining our mental and physical well-being. It is primarily associated with different bodily functions, such as mood, appetite, focus, sleep, and memory.

CBD works with certain receptors in the ECS system, for instance the CB2 receptors, which regulate the immune system. Similarly, CBD binds with the receptors that control our mood, thereby regulating our emotional disposition and boosting our ability to focus.

Benefits of Using CBD to Help Focus

Sleep deprivation, poor diet, stress, distractions and certain medical conditions can make it difficult to focus on the task at hand. This is where CBD for focus comes into the picture. Let’s take a look at some benefits of using CBD for focus and attention.

Anxiety can drain you mentally, resulting in lost focus. However, CBD can help you deal with short attention spans and increase your energy levels by reducing anxiety-inducing thoughts. It can help regulate the dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain.

It’s no secret that poor sleep can also have a negative impact on your cognitive performance. CBD can help regulate sleep cycles, which can mean good news for your sleep duration and quality. It can also decrease the REM phase disturbances, keeping you longer in the deep-sleep stage. This means one thing for sure – heightened focus, attention span, and energy.

Moreover, if chronic physical pain is the reason behind your poor focus, CBD can come to your aid as well. According to studies, CBD acts as a potential painkiller in conditions such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, migraines, post-surgery pain, and neuropathy. It can help manage pain by reducing inflammation and changing the way pain signals are sent to the brain.

As you say goodbye to your pains and aches, you can say hello to better focus and concentration.

The Role of CBG and CBN: CBN+CBG Benefits

CBN (cannabinol) and CBG (cannabigerol) are chemical compounds produced in cannabis plants. CBN is commonly found in mature cannabis plants, while CBG can be found in young as well as aged cannabis plants. When it comes to CBN+CBG benefits, both have certain positive effects on the human body and neither one results in a euphoric high.

CBN can be helpful in the following conditions:

  • Stimulating appetite, especially when treating eating disorders
  • Relieving pain and inflammation, specifically arthritis
  • Neuroprotection
  • Treating sleep disorders and insomnia

CBG effects on brain may result in the following:

  • Providing relief from anxiety and stress
  • Relieving pain and inflammation
  • Treating sleep disorders and insomnia
  • Curtailing the growth of tumors
  • Relieving eye problems and glaucoma

The good news is that CBN and CBG can safely be taken together without worrying about side-effects. In fact, many hemp-based oils and capsules are already using formulations that combine the potency of both these elements. When consumed, these products can help improve or balance out each other’s qualities, and result in enhanced focus, among other benefits.

How to Take CBD for Better Focus

When it comes to taking CBD for focus, you have plenty of options to choose from. They’re available in several forms that affect your body slightly differently. You, therefore, need to think about how long they’ll take to work and last, as well as if consistent dosing can be ensured.

Some of the most common forms of consuming CBD include:

  1. CBD Oils: The most common form of CBD, these oils are typically made from a whole-plant hemp extract and infused with an inert oil for greater bioavailability. CBD oil for focus comes in a bottle with a dropper, which makes it easy for users to get the dosage right. These oils are fast-acting, although not everyone is a fan of their taste.
  1. CBD Sotgels: if you’re looking for a convenient and discreet way of consuming CBD for focus, you should opt for CBD softgels. Most of these CBD capsules are available in a soft-gel format, which makes them easy to take and carry around. They contain a fixed dose of CBD, so you need not bother with droppers or worry about oil leaking into your bag. While they may take relatively longer to show any effect, their outcomes do last longer than oils.
  • CBD Edibles: CBD edibles and chews are possibly the most enjoyable way of taking CBD and are preferred by most users over other formats. The various kinds of edibles include CBD gummies, chocolates, protein bars, honey sticks, and more. Edibles can be taken in the same way as capsules, so it may take time for their effects to kick in.
  1. CBD Topicals: CBD topicals usually include an array of products, including creams, serums, gels, balms, lotions, shampoos, bath bombs, and so on. Like most topical formulations, these are designed to address localized problems. Upon use on the affected area, the CBD interacts with the body’s ECS to relieve discomfort and pain.


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